Veterans Memorial Park of Pensacola

General Fund

The Military War Dog Memorial

The Military War Dog Memorial

This Place is Only Possible with Your Help

The purpose of the General Fund is to give donors the opportunity to give apart from our special fundraising projects. The Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola operates in such a way that no tax-payer funds are expended in the Park's care and maintenance, and this philosophy extends to all projects and events as well. The Foundation is governed by a Volunteer Board of Directors, for which there are no salaries or any other form of financial compensation.

General Fund

The Veterans Memorial Park of Pensacola came about in 1992 because Pensacola's Veteran community came together with the shared goal of a permanent installation of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. From the beginning, we have been constituted of and supported by members of our community who want this place to be here. And with your continued support, we won't be going anywhere.

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On the Downtown Pensacola Bayfront Shoreline.

Pensacola, FL, USA

200 S. 10th Ave

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