Marine Aviation Memorial Bell Tower Restoration

At the Cradle of Naval Aviation

For over 100 years, Pensacola has been at the center of Naval Aviation. Nearly every service member in the field of Naval Aviation comes through NAS Pensacola or Whiting Field during their training. Ever since the U.S. Navy first began flying aircraft in 1911, followed by the Marine Corps in 1912, Pensacola has been their home. That's why The Veterans Memorial Park of Pensacola was the the obvious choice as the home of The Marine Aviation Bell Tower. But now The Tower needs your help.

In 1914, then Secretary of the Navy Josephus Daniels ordered the creation of the first Naval Air Station in Pensacola. This decision was, in part, influenced by the region's semi-tropical climate which offered favorable flight conditions year-round. It's due to these same conditions, however, that The Marine Aviation Bell Tower is in need of restoration. The humid, tropical conditions and salt-spray has taken its toll on the metal and electrical components of The Tower. Because of this, we have created the Marine Aviation Bell Tower Restoration Project to replace the necessary components and conduct preventative maintenance on the rest. The Restoration Project includes adding a rust inhibitor to The Tower's metal parts and weatherproofing the electrical components of the clocks in order to ensure that another restoration will not be required for the foreseeable future,

The full restoration is projected to cost approximately $92,000. We want to emphasize that The Veterans Memorial Park of Pensacola does not utilize any taxpayer dollars and is 100% funded by donations. We rely on the support of our community members to fund these projects. So if you're someone who has enjoyed The Park and are capable of helping, we ask you to click the button below and make a contribution.

POP-A-SMOKE: USMC/Combat Helicopter & Tiltrotor Association kicks off the fundraising by donating $5,000 to the Marine Aviation Bell Tower Restoration Project. The check was presented by Pop-A-Smoke President E. S. "Slick" Katz to VMPF President Paul Entrekin to kick off the fundraiser.

VMPF Board Member, Stan Bernard announces that co-founder of the world-famous Flora-Bama Lounge & Package, Joe Gilchrist donates $10,000 to the Veterans Memorial Park Pensacola Foundation. A genuine American Patriot!

Pensacola Mayor Grover Robinson joins U.S. Marine Veterans in support of the Tower restoration project.

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