Courage and Service

Since WWII, there have been tens of thousands of Military Working Dogs working side-by-side with American Warfighters defending freedom and democracy in every corner of the globe. This statue is to honor these veterans who cannot speak for themselves.

Help Us Honor Our Most Loyal Heroes

The statue is titled “My Hero, My Friend.” The Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola held a successful raffle for a desktop-sized version of the monument to help raise funds for this important monument. With the raffle and other generous donations so far, we are now halfway there! Proceeds will be used to fund the monument. Online and stand-alone donations are also greatly appreciated. We estimate the unveiling ceremony in the fall of 2022 or early 2023.

Designed by Susan Norris

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About the Artist

Susan Norris is a well-known artist and sculptor whose works are in public and private collections in the United States and other countries. She lives in historic Cimarron, New Mexico.

Entirely self-taught, Norris expresses a wide range of styles, technique and subject matter. She is as adept at painting people, events and animals as she is creating life-size classical bronze sculptures of famous people. She is the National Artist and Sculptor for the Boy Scouts of America, a successor to the famous Norman Rockwell.

These new Veterans Memorial Park "Military War Dog" monument is a tribute to a military working dog mourning the loss of its owner who perished in combat. This statue will be mounted atop a 2 ton boulder with the monument ultimately standing over six feet tall. This monument exemplifies "trust and loyalty."


Your contributions will make difference in the lives of those who visit this monument, even help heal!







Goal: $40,000

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On the Downtown Pensacola Bayfront Shoreline.

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200 S. 10th Ave

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Made possible through major contributions by our Key Community Sponsors:

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True Friends of the Park in Time & Generosity

This monument was only made possible because of generous donations from you. Though we all have different reasons for supporting our Nation's Military, Veterans, and families, they all share a common mission and creed - They Care! People also give in a variety of ways. Some with financial donations, some by picking up a shovel, and some by doing both.

Tribute Bench to Joe Gilchrist

Educator - Philanthropist - Humanitarian

Former students of Joe Gilchrist dedicated a Bench at the Park War Dog Monument in tribute to his life of giving and caring.

Dan and Lindsey are Patriots always giving their time and treasure. Here they are helping prep the location for the War Dog Monument. THANK YOU!

Dan Clark, President (photo on the left)

Dan Clark Concrete-Renovations


Lindsey Owens, President (photo on Right)

M&O of Pensacola, Inc. (General Contractor)


The Military War Dog Memorial

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