Engraved Park Bench Program

A Remembrance as Durable as the Stone It’s Carved In

Granite park benches are arranged throughout Veterans Memorial Park honoring or in memory of individuals whose service to our country deserves a lasting marker of that service. Our Engraved Park Bench Program provides the opportunity to personalize a bench with the name of a loved one, friend, or comrade, along with a brief inscription.

A Memory Etched in Granite

Veterans Memorial Park gives visitors a place to reflect and remember the service and sacrifices of our military, particularly the fallen, in a peaceful and pristine setting. Now, you can honor the memory of a family member, a comrade, or a friend in granite on a bench in the park. Imagine the emotional connection you will make with that person while sitting on a bench that has been engraved in their honor as you reflect on your memories of them.

A Memorable Sentiment

Some people are famous for their memorable quotes. Others are remembered because a memorable quote reminds us of them. Pair the name of an honoree with a memorable sentiment the harkens to an experience, a philosophy, a mannerism, or a way of living life that serves as a lasting reminder of the individual honored in the bench’s granite.

Available park bench space in the park is limited, so act on this today. All proceeds from the Engraved Park Bench Program are directed to the ongoing stewardship and care of the park.

Select Your Location

Locations in green are currently available; those in red are unavailable. The locations, however, are not set in stone. If you would like to place your bench somewhere else, we will try to accommodate.

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How it Works

Using the map above, select the numbered location for your park bench.

Inscriptions consist of up to four lines:

The first line is either [In honor of] or [In memory of].

The second line is the name of the person or organization being honored.

The third and fourth lines are reserved for your custom quote or message. (optional)

Custom messages (lines 3 and 4) are limited to approximately 130 characters. However, we will work with you and the engravers to accommodate your requests regarding text formatting and fitting.

All inscription content is subject to approval from the Veterans Memorial Park Foundation Board.

Please allow approximately 3-6 months for fabrication, delivery, and installation of your engraved bench.

Use the “Contact Us” button below, please fill out the form for more information. If you're not sure about what you want for the inscription or the location yet, don't worry. We will work with you to ensure your satisfaction.


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On the Downtown Pensacola Bayfront Shoreline.

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200 S. 10th Ave

Pensacola, FL, 32502