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The Memorial Gallery

Wall South

Replica of Maya Lin's Original 1987 Design, Installed 1992

Funded by local Veterans, The Wall South was the inaugural memorial which led to the creation of The Veterans Memorial Park of Pensacola. The Wall South was the nation's first permanent replica of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C. Made of black granite, The Wall South lists the names of all 58,281 men and women listed as KIA or MIA from the Vietnam War.”

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Persian Gulf War Memorial

Austin Weishel, 2019

Depicting an M1043 HMMWV and a Blackhawk, the Persian Gulf War Memorial commemorates the men and women of the U.S. lead Coalition that liberated Kuwait from Iraqi occupation.

Global War on Terror Memorial

Randy New, 2018

Honoring the warfighters of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts, the GWOT Memorial consists of a Bald Eagle cast in bronze and clutching an actual piece of the World Trade Center in its talons.

Minuteman Memorial


Based upon the 1874 sculpture, The Concord MinuteMan, this memorial depicts an American Revolutionary stepping away from his plow to join the patriot forces.

Korean War Memorial

CAPT Robert Rasmussen, USN (Ret.)

& Randy New, 2007

Funded by Veterans of The Korean War and community donors, the Korean War Memorial depicts both the military and humanitarian aspects of the "Forgotten War."

Marine Aviation Memorial Bell Tower

The Verdin Company, 2012

Made possible through the help of donors across the nation, The Marine Aviation Memorial Tower pays tribute to the Marines who serve with or in support of the Marine Corps aviation elements.

World War II Memorial

CAPT Robert Rasmussen, USN (Ret.), 2002

Funded by community donations, this monument commemorates the men and women who served at home or abroad and contributed to an Allied Victory in The Second World War.

Purple Heart Memorial

Michael Boyett

Funded by Marcus J. Michles II in gratitude to his father and all other recipients of The Nation's oldest military decoration.

The Monument to Children

Randy New, 2000

This monument acknowledges the hardship and sacrifice of children and families of American Warfighters and was funded by the Children of America's Twentieth Century Heroes.

Submarine Veterans Memorial

Artist Unknown

Funded by community donations, The Submarine Veterans Memorial honors those who took part in the Submarine Lifeguard League and the downed pilots they rescued during the Second World War.

Gold Star Families Memorial Monument

Woody Williams & Kenton Blackwood, 2019

Funded by the Wingman Foundation and community donors, The Gold Star Families Memorial Monument was constructed in tribute to the families who've lost a loved one in the defense of Democracy.

World War I Memorial

Artist Unknown, 1922

Originally installed on Garden Street in downtown Pensacola, this marble memorial was relocated after the establishment of The Veterans Memorial Park of Pensacola.

Photos by : Stacey Paden & Allen Jones

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