Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola


Fundraising Projects & Giving

Veterans Memorial Park Foundation depends on the donations of those who support its mission of providing stewardship over Veterans Memorial Park and providing a peaceful setting where visitors can honor the memory of those memorialized there. The Foundation is governed by a small uncompensated volunteer Board of Directors. Every dollar donated to the Foundation is directed to the care of Veterans Memorial Park.


Here are some of the ways that you can contribute to the sustainment of The Veterans Memorial Park of Pensacola, as well as honor your special veteran at the Park. Veterans Memorial Park depends on the donations of those who love and support its mission, and who revere the memory of those honored there.

Memorials & Monuments Care Fund

The Memorials & Monuments Care Fund allows donors to support the overall management and maintenance of The Park's statues and memorials.

The Military Tribute Banner Project

See how you can display your loved one's contributions to the defense of freedom alongside the monuments in The Park.

The Walk of Honor

The Walk of Honor Project allows our patrons to permanently commemorate our heroes and show their support.

Engraved Park Bench Program

The Engraved Park Bench Program provides the opportunity to personalize a beautifully polished granite bench in The Park with the name of a loved one, friend, or comrade along with a brief inscription.

Framed Wall South Rubbings

Taking rubbings of names on The Wall is a long standing tradition. Now you can support The Park by ordering beautifully framed rubbings delivered to your home.

The Patriots’ Legacy Program

Becoming a sponsor through our Patriots' Legacy Program is an effective way to demonstrate your support of the park and its mission.

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