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Honor Their Names

For over 30 years, families and patriots from all around the country have been visiting the Veterans Memorial Park of Pensacola to pay tribute to the names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall South. Often the family and friends of those listed on The Wall wish to take a pencil or charcoal rubbing of their loved one's name. Such expressions of love and remembrance are part of what makes the Park so important to our community.

Because this practice is so important to us and our guests, the Veterans Memorial Park Foundation of Pensacola would like to help. At park events, we will now provide special paper and assist patrons in capturing the names that are difficult to reach. Furthermore, we now offer beautifully framed rubbings delivered to your home.

Small Frame  (Includes 30th Anniversary Challenge Coin)

Small Frame - $300 Donation

(Includes 30th Anniversary Challenge Coin)

Large Frame with Print   (Includes VMPP & 30th Anniversary Challenge Coins)

Large Frame with Print - $350 Donation

(Includes VMP & 30th Anniversary Challenge Coins)

How it Works

To complete your order, you will need the following information for the inscription:

  • Panel Number & Letter
  • Line Number
  • First & Last Name as It Appears on The Wall
  • Middle Initial (If Applicable)

Every name on Wall South has a corresponding panel number with a letter (either N or S) and line number. For example, Milton Florida's own Private First Class James Henry Smith's name is located on panel 7S, line 63.

To find the relevant information, please click the button below and search the name you wish to be framed.

To order, please click the button below for the frame size you would like:

Please allow 2-4 weeks for framing, handling, and completion. Donation includes shipping.

Vietnam Veteran Joseph Farley tells his story about the fateful day when Lt. Bobby Williams told Joe to stay back behind the wire because he was still recovering from his injuries. Lt. Williams took Joe's spot as point on the patrol that 29th day of September 1970 when he was KIA. Watch Joe share his emotional story and tribute to his hero.

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